Open Network Operating System - ONOS

Installation of ONOS 1.12 (Simon Joswig November 22, 2017)

1. Installing Java JDK

The first step needed to install an ONOS workstation is to install the OpenJDK 8:

  sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

2. Installing CURL

A second tool needed is curl. Simply install it via apt-get install as follows:

  sudo apt-get install curl

3. Installing GIT

The ONOS installation folder is stored in GIT. So, in addition to CURL and OpenJDK you have to install GIT:

  sudo apt-get install git

4. Installing ONOS

For the ONOS installation itself it is needed to check out the ONOS files via GIT:

git clone 
cd onos

To get commands which are easier to read you can use:

  sourcetools/dev/bash profile

After that command it is possible to build ONOS with a simple command:

buck build onos 
export ONOS_ROOT=/onos

5. Working with ONOS

Start ONOS:

  buck run onos-local 


  tools/build/onos-buck run onos-local


  tools/test/bin/onos localhost


  tools/test/bin/onos-gui localhost 



6. Installing Mininet

The best way to install Mininet is to change the directory and check out the newest Github repository of Mininet:

cd ~                   # if you are in some other directory
git clone git:// 
cd mininet
git tag                # this will list available versions
git checkout -b 2.2.2  # replace 2.2.2 with the version you wish to install
cd ..

In this case the newest version of Mininet is 2.2.2. By executing the next command it can be installed.

./mininet/util/ -a  # default installation, includes all components, recommended

Caution: It may be neccessary to stop the openvswitch-testcontroller service as follows:

 sudo service openvswitch-testcontroller stop
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