SNMP und IPv6

IPv6 MIBs sind spezifiziert:

Cisco und Juniper haben nochmal eigene Erweiterungen dazu

Die freien SNMP-Daemons (net-snmp und bsnmp) implementieren die MIBs nicht. (Wär das was für ein Studi-Projekt? ;))

How do I specify IPv6 addresses on the command line?

IPv6 addresses pose a particular problem for the Net-SNMP command line tools, which parse host names into pieces. In particular, normally if you specify a simple host name, it assumes you want UDP in IPv4 on port 161. IE, these two commands are actually the same (by default):

snmpget sysUpTime.0
snmpget udp: sysUpTime.0

However, for IPv6 this causes a problem because IPv6 addresses also use a colon to separate addressing parts. Thus you need to enclose the address in square brackets ( [ and ] ). Because most shells use these brackets too, you also likely need to quote it:

snmpget 'udp6:[::1]:161' sysUpTime.0
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